Company Owners

Business owners and Company Directors and Family Business Trusts are a very effective way to minimise tax.  Pension Tax relief still stands at £40,000 per year EACH and inheriting a pension trust can be tax free.  Furthermore you have control of the investments - many people include commercial property in the SSAS and capital growth can be free from CGT - rental income and other profits can be free from tax too.

Inheritance tax, corporation tax, income tax and capital gains tax can cost a family a lot of money. When a business owning family considers how complex their family affairs are they often may put their heads in the sand and allow HMRC to collect a large proportion of their wealth.

Small Self-Administered Schemes

What is a SSAS?

  • A SSAS (Small Self Administered Scheme) is a registered pension scheme and can have a single member or up to 11 members.
  • It’s a pension fund that can improve cash flow by providing a loan back to your business
  • It’s a planning tool to reduce Corporation Tax
  • A home for investments that can grow free of UK Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax
  • It’s a way to maximize the size of your Pension funds

Why do I need a SSAS?

  • Because it can reduce your Corporation Tax liability
  • Because you have multiple pensions you want to consolidate for easy administration
  • It’s a fund for the future for you, your loved ones and your business partners with total access from age 55
  • Because you want to explore a wide range of investment opportunities
  • Because you want your investments to grow free of UK Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax
  • Because you want to pass on your pension fund on death to your loved ones free of Inheritance Tax
  • Effective way to create the retirement you’ve always wanted whilst offering intergral benefits to your business as you go
  • It can fund your businesses growth and be a source of funding if your business needs a cash injection

How does it work?

  • We would arrange for an appraisal of any existing schemes pension schemes
  • We provide an annual administration service keeping you upto date with progress on your investments. We will liaise with the trustees of your SSAS and provide 6 or 12 monthly reporting and review for a fixed annual fee.
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